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Visa Assistance

Once you have received an offer from the University and have decided on how to fund your studies abroad, you can apply for student visa from consulate. Getting visa is one of the most critical steps and you will definitely want it before your program commences. If you represent yourself in a befitting manner, then the chances of rejection of Visa are very slim. Our education counsellors are experts in student visa and they provide you professional assistance through this complex process of visa documentation, application and interview.
To get you started, we have outlined few basics of Student Visa process.

What is Visa?

VISA is an approval that grants you the permission to travel to other countries and also defines your status in that country. There are 2 main kinds of Visas - Immigrant Visa and Non-Immigrant Visa.
If you are planning to migrate or settle down permanently in a particular country of which you are not currently a citizen, you require the Immigrant Visa. The Non-Immigrant Visa is a temporary Visa, which does not permit you to become a citizen of that country, but you can visit that country for a specified time. A student is required to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa..

Student Visas

Student Visas are issued for the period it takes to complete your course of study program.

Visa Requirements

  •  Admission in a recognized University.
  •  Provision of fees.
  •  Financial capacity to meet lodging and boarding expenses.
  •  Ties - financial and family, to make the student return to the home country

Quick Guide to Visa Requirements for Major Countries

New Zealand

Visa Interview

The Visa Interview is a final frontier for all those who what to study abroad. Like any other interview, this one also is a formal interaction between two people Interviewer and Interviewee. As a student, you need to be well prepared for it. Often the most deserving students fail to get Visas, as they do not know how to present their evidence before the consulate office. We at SICS India believe that a good preparation and systematic visa file containing all the documentation required helps you to reply promptly and confidently at the visa interview.

Basic Logic behind Visa Interview

The officer at Consulate/Embassy taking the Visa Interview is basically interested in three things -
Q. Whether your purpose is genuine that is higher studies abroad?
Q. Whether your family/sponsor have enough financial resources to finance your studies & living expenses during your stay abroad ?
Q. Whether you will return to India or not after completing your education ?
If you are able to convince the interviewer on the above three typical questions, getting a Visa will not be a difficult issue. Our counsellors conduct mock interviews which prepares you be confident, clear, thoughtful and truthful during the Visa interview. To know more, you can submit an enquiry with us.

Visa Guidance

SICS India provides training to make your eligible. SICS gets you the admission in your selected institute and assist you in the entire visa process as well as stay with you guidance even after you start study their.