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Study in Austria

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Study in the Austria:

study in austria

Austria is a wonderful country, with a typically European focus on providing quality higher education and study. This means that studying here will be productive, institutions are well-equipped and, most importantly, your education will be well-respected. Austria is also a beautiful, advanced, and cultured country.

Why Study in the Austria

Austria’s focus on higher education is reflected in its tuition fees, which are incredibly low for the standard of education received, even for international students. Even better, the opportunity to learn one of the most important languages in the modern world – German – is a large attraction for prospective international students, and is another CV-enhancing bonus of studying here. And when we say “low tuition fees”, we mean really low. See the section on the Cost of Studying and Living in Austria, below.

The rent for a student here sits at a very rough €500 a month for a one bedroom apartment. A (healthy) weekly shop would cost less than expected for an expensive city, as the market culture is still very much alive in Austria, and so locally grown produce is still available and much cheaper than supermarket prices in general. If a student is careful with their budgeting it is entirely possible to live comfortably in Austria whilst they study.